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Welcome to the DAWC Great Safe Cracking Challenge!

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Break into Two 1940s Safes and Win Big!

Two 1930-1940s safes...

Who Will Be Our Safe Crackers?

Calling all locksmiths & hobbyists!

The DAWC Great Safe Cracking Challenge
The DAWC Great Safe Cracking Challenge
Safe crackers and observers will participate in a timed, turn-based experience where safe crackers will have a chance to crack one or two unopened 1940s safes contained in the DeKalb Area Women's Center, the former Finnish Temperance Hall.
Oct 21, 2023, 11:00 AM – 11:50 PM
DeKalb Area Women's Center,
1021 State St, DeKalb, IL 60115, USA
Can you make it?

About the Safes

Two safes, both from between 1930-1940? One is an old tumbler safe, and the other is a two-key lock safe from Brinks in Chicago, IL.  Maybe you'll be the next Jeff Sitar; eight time winner of the Lockmaster's International Safecracking Competition; and crack both (no blow torches, no explosives).

Everything You Need to Know

The Challenge Details

To participate as a Safe Cracker in the DAWC Great Safe Cracking Challenge, there is a $10 fee per safe, with each turn (everyone will get a number at the door) being up to 30 minutes.

Observers pay a one-time fee of $8 to access the event. Observers may take photos and video, and post to social media freely.

Free parking is available on the street, or one half block south of the center on 11th street. There will be signage to direct you to the parking lot.

Contact us for more information on the DAWC and the Great Safe Cracking Challenge

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