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The Rules

Welcome to the DAWC Safe Cracking Challenge. As with any contest, there are rules.



To crack the safes, crackers pay $10 per 30-minute slot per safe they wish to try and crack. 


Crackers can buy tickets (turns) ahead of time online here, or at the door. Turns will be carried out on a first come, first serve basis. You will get a turn number at the door.


No explosives, fire, drills or other modern methods can be used in the cracking of the safes between the hours of 11 AM-5 PM on the day of the event. During the lightning round, starting at 5, crackers may use drills and other means based upon discussion. Again, no explosives. No fire.

Lightning Round

At 5pm if the safe(s) are not opened, we shift into lightning round. Turns will be 15 minutes each and drills can be used. Other equipment can be discussed. No explosives or fire.

The Safe Contents

If either or both safes are opened we will preliminarily view  the contents as a group. Contact information will be exchanged with the cracker(s) who have successfully cracked the safe(s).  DAWC  is responsible for assessing the contents of the safe for their insurance and historical value of the items.  The successful cracker(s) will receive 10% of the revenue of the sale of contents, less the appraisal cost to establish insurance and historical value. Once the contents of the safe(s) have been discovered and their value appraised, the goods will be sold at market value unless deemed by the center to be of historical importance to the center or otherwise. If it's the deed to the building, DAWC is keeping it! The cracker(s) will receive 10% of the revenue from the sale of any contents.

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