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The DAWC Great Safe Cracking Challenge:
October 21st 11 AM- 11:50 PM

Safe crackers, lock pickers, locksmiths, and hobbyists alike can try their skills at opening two different historical safes housed at the DeKalb Area Women's Center. Observers and 'Crackers' alike can partake of refreshments while watching live footage of the safe-cracking attempts as well as films related to safe cracking and heists to get into the spirit.

October 21st, 2023: Detailed Schedule

Safe crackers may buy additional tickets for additional time to crack safes at the event with cash only (for 30 minutes with any one safe, $10).

9:00 AM

Doors open. 'Cracker' ticket holders will sign up for time slots on a first come, first serve basis. Observers and Crackers will be served coffee and cookies. 

11:00 AM

Safe cracking begins, as does our schedule of upstairs entertainment. 

11-12 welcome and orientation

12:00 PM

Pizza will be served to all guests. 

1-5 PM

Safe cracking is fully underway. Good luck crackers! 

The movie lineup:

1-3: Oceans 13

3-5: Tower Heist

5-7: Oceans 8

7-9: Oceans 13

9-11: Logan Lucky

5-11 PM

We enter the lightning round. All crackers can now use drills. Turns are fifteen minutes. Pay at the door. First come, first serve.

5-7: Oceans 8

7-9: Oceans 13

9-11: Logan Lucky

11-11:55 PM

Event wrap-up. If we have successfully opened the safe(s) we will review the contents initially. If no-one has successfully opened the safe(s) we will continue trying until the last minute.

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